Scarf in the hoop size L 8x12 inch

Scarf in the hoop size L 8x12 inch

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Embroidery / Embroidery

With this super simple and well thought in the hoop embroidery file you can stitch really great cuddly scarfs for little children.

Only the opening  must be sewn at the end of hand.

For the scarfs only 2 equal pieces of fabric are needed and they are stitched quickly in one hooping.

The finished embroidered scarfs in size L have an inner circumference of about 40 cm. Depending on the type of fabric you use can vary slightly.

They are suitable for children of about 3-6 years, and this depending on the size / weight of children is of course different. So the scarfs are also dainty older girls, or something strengthen children under 3 years.

The scarf can either be embroidered with the programmed sequences with Velcro, or can be closed with buttons or snaps.

In the file 8 different designs are included as well as an empty file, which may be natural embroidered with Pubimatz-foreign embroidery files.

Only german instructions ! But a lot of pictures in the instructions and very easy to stitch.

Please note: This is a DESIGN FILE, not the finished product.       

You can download the files after payment.

Experienced test embroiderers have tested our embroidery designs on different materials and machines in almost all formats.

If you are not quite happy with the outcome of your embroidery, please first check if you can improve the result by changing fabrics, embroidery needles (always use the right needle for the fabric you’ve choosen) or even try another stabiliser.

You are allowed to:

- sell up to 50 units /year of each embroidered design/product
- sell up to 20 units / year of each embroidered button/applique/patch
-  sell up to 50 units / year of each In-The-Hoop-Design
- use our embroidery files commercially only in  the original Version

You must not:

-  sale, exchange or transfer our embroidery files  
   Violators will be prosecuted.

- commercially use digitally altered / edited (resized) designs

- use our embroidery designs, patterns and / or in-the-Hoop files for industrial mass production (more than 50 units / year, per design

Please respect our policies while using PUBIMATZ designs. We reserve the right to pursue legal action against anyone who chooses to violate PUBIMATZ terms of use. Many thanks.

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