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Animal bibs pattern + embroidery files 5x7"

Animal bibs - pattern and embroidery files for 5x7 hoops

4.90 *

Animal bibs Vol. II in the hoop 7x12"

Animal bibs in the hoop with English instructions !

7.50 *

animal bibs in the hoop 8x10 "

With this lovely embroidery file you can stitch wonderfull bibs for babies. INCL. ENGLISH instructions !

7.50 *

Animal bibs in the hoop 8x12 "

Lovely "in the hoop" baby bibs with English instructions !

7.50 *

ITH Animal Bibs Saving Set 7x12, 8x10 and 8x12"

Here is the super savings package for "Animal bibs Vol. II". It includes all 3 available sizes, a total of 24 bib files. With English instructions !

18.00 *

ITH OWL Bibs Set 7x12, 8x10 and 8x12

Cute Owl Bibs in the hoop. It includes all 3 available sizes. With English instructions !

3.90 *
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