in the hoop 4x4"

in the hoop 4x4"

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3d dragon ith 4x4 inch

Unique, beautiful 3d dragon in the hoop embroidery file ...with english instructions !

7.50 *

Tea Light Cover ITH Angel

Tea Light Cover in the hopp - Angel

2.90 *

Advent Calendar Train in the hoop 4x4"

Advent Calendar Train in the hoop ♥

5.90 *

Ghost ITH 4x4"

Sweet Ghost in the hoop embroidery file♥

7.50 *

Christmas hanger ITH 4x4"

With this great ITH file you can stitch 8 differnent felt christmas hanger ♥

4.90 *

OWL in the hoop - Angel and Devil 4x4"

Saving pack Angel- and Devil Owls for 4x4" hoops.

10.00 *

Key fob WING in the hoop

Key fog in the hoop embroidery file

- WING -

2.60 *

OWL ITH 4x4"

Lovely 4x4" in the hoop file for little cute Owls.

6.90 *

Gnome in the hoop

Embroider your little gnome ♥

4.90 *

Bad Owl ITH 4x4"

Cute little Devil Owls ♥ 4x4" in the hoop embroidery files.

6.90 *

paper ship in the hoop 4x4

Lovely paper ship in the hoop embroidery file

3.90 *

Little Monster in the hoop for 4x4 hoop

Our lovely little monster for the 4x4" hoop♥

7.50 *

Flotte Lotti Doodle Bag 4x4

Lovely ITH bags

7.50 *
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